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Name: Nupoor Deobhakta
Hometown: Indore, M.P., India
Prior Study: BE Computer Engineering, IET-DAVV (Indore University)
Degree Sought: MS Information Technology
Concentration: Database and Intelligent Systems
Department: Information Technology and Web Science
Year of Graduation: 2012            
Current Position: Software Engineer –II, Cisco Systems



Why did you choose to enroll at Rensselaer?
Coming from an engineering background, Rensselaer’s rich engineering history enticed me. The research work done here is excellent, and one gets a chance with work with pioneers in their fields. The small class sizes and flexible programs are a cherry on the cake. The career center does a fantastic job, which is the reason Rensselaer is always listed as a school having one of the best ROIs. After completing my undergrad in Computer Engineering, I wanted to learn more about the application side, and hence chose to enroll in the IT department. The MSIT program taught me a lot about the business side, IT, and the application layer. This kind of broad-spectrum education very-well complemented my previous education.

What are some benefits of being part of the Graduate Community at Rensselaer?
It’s an honor to be a part of Rensselaer’s legacy and join its strong alumni network. I think the two things any graduate student cares the most about is good and meaningful research, and good industry exposure. Rensselaer offers both. Owing to this, one gets a chance to fully explore one’s potential.

What would you tell a prospective student about choosing Rensselaer?
I’d say that Rensselaer is pretty much everything a student wishes for. It’s a small, but great school, so it’s extremely difficult to be lost in the crowd and just be a roll-number. Instead, you’d feel like you matter, what you think matters, and you’d get to carve your own niche and find your place. 

Describe your graduate project and its purpose/applications?
The IT program at RPI gave me a chance to work on a number of projects, so I got the opportunity to try my hand at almost anything I was interested in. With my concentration being Database and Intelligent Systems, most of my projects were associated with the Tetherless World Constellation. I got to work on research projects associated with the Semantic Web and Data Science. I worked with Dr. Fox on the Deep Carbon Organization data, where I wrote a script to convert any DCO Deep Life data file to XML, and a web application that converts any DCO Deep Life data file to RDF. I also worked with Dr. McGuinness on the SemantEco project, where I converted EPA’s air quality data to RDF, and also helped extend the SemantAqua ontology to create the SemantEco ontology, while focusing on the air quality aspect. For my capstone project, our team worked with the NY State Senate to upgrade their Senate Address Geocoding Engine (SAGE) to SAGE 2.0, which was faster and more efficient.
For my data mining class, I created a fuzzy rule base for the sample credit card data, for predicting what factors decide credit card approval.

What did you decide to do after graduation?
After my graduation, I decided to join the industry. I had a great time interning at Cisco Systems, so decided to formally begin my career at the same place. I currently work on the UI for the NMS in Cisco Systems’ Smart Grid Business Unit, which currently comes under the Internet of Things Group.

What are your hobbies/interests/special talents?
I am immensely passionate about cooking and travelling. If I’m familiar with the basic style of a cuisine, I can taste something and tell the key ingredients and how it’s made. I love to fuse different cuisines together to make my signature style of dishes. I am deeply inspired by this one quote by St. Augustine- “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. So I make it a point to visit at least one new place each month. My other interests include reading (especially English and Hindi literature), music, movies, and interior decoration. I also occasionally dabble with poetry.

List Information about your background and accomplishments in College and Work Experience
I was a member of the student council as the literary secretary at my high school.
I hold a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Indore University. I was a member of my college magazine’s editorial board there.
I came to Rensselaer right after completing my undergrad. At Rensselaer, I served as an IT department Teaching Assistant for a year. I was the TA for the IT Capstone class, and the Information System Security class, and hence got to work for Dr. Hughes and Dr. Spooner, respectively. During the summer I worked at Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA as a Software Engineering intern and it’s also the place I chose to work for full-time. At Rensselaer, I became a member of the IT honor society GNH. I was also the IT representative in the School of Science’s graduate student council.

I held a 50% scholarship throughout my high school, on the account of me clearing a qualifying examination, and maintaining the required rank each subsequent year.  When I was in grade X, I took the National Talent and Search Examination organized by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, India. I cleared the three-tier examination which gauged IQ and a general understanding of Science, Mathematics and Humanities. I was hence granted a fixed stipend for my subsequent years of studying in India. I topped my school in grade IX and X. I was awarded with the title of ‘Indore Public School Exemplary Student’ by my high school in 2006. Rensselaer offered me the position of IT department TA for a year as a part of my acceptance offer.

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