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Revolutionary Degree Program

The new ITWS at Rensselaer presents a unique opportunity for you to combine a mastery of information technologies and web science with an academic concentration of your choice. The result is a revolutionary and interdisciplinary degree program that prepares you well for the exciting careers of the future.

Whether your interests are in engineering, science, management, the arts, or almost anything else, Information Technology and Web Science are essential tools. Engineers use information technology and web science to design better products and operate more efficient factories, scientists use information technology and web science to help discover new cures for diseases and discover new solar systems, managers use information technology and web science to make companies run more smoothly with higher profits, and artists use information technology and web science to enhance existing art forms and create new ones.

The education that you receive at Rensselaer, prepares you to be a leader in the high-tech world of the future.

Multi-Dimensional, Problem Solving

The ITWS degree at Rensselaer is the integration of a traditional education with an innovative focus on information technology and web science; and its impact on the world. More specifically, ITWS@Rensselaer looks at technologies such as computing, telecommunication, and on-line information resources like the web, and it focuses on their application to solving problems.

ITWS@Rensselaer is much more than the study of the technology itself. You will explore:

  • the social, legal, and ethical issues in employing technology around the world
  • the management concerns for the effective use of technology
  • human-computer interaction issues to make technology more usable
  • how to be creative and to develop problem solving skills
  • techniques to improve your communication and leadership skills

Designed for You

The ITWS program is designed for students interested in computers, but whose interests go well beyond computing. The objective of ITWS@Rensselaer is twofold:

  • preparation for direct entry into a rewarding career in information technology and web science
  • preparation for acceptance to the graduate program of your choice

This dual objective is accomplished through a combination of ITWS core courses and significant additional course work in an academic concentration. Concentrations can be chosen in engineering, science, management; and-humanities, arts, and social science. With faculty advisement, you can also design your own concentration.

Both a professional track and research track are offered for the BS in ITWS degree.

If you are smart, creative, ambitious—someone who likes using computing power to solve problems—ITWS@Renssealer may be for you.

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